Serang railway station

Front view of the station (2013)
Location Jalan Kitapa No. 2, Serang
Coordinates 6°06′45″S 106°09′31″E / 6.1124°S 106.1586°E / -6.1124; 106.1586Coordinates: 6°06′45″S 106°09′31″E / 6.1124°S 106.1586°E / -6.1124; 106.1586
Elevation 25.66 m
Owned by PT Kereta Api
Line(s) Jakarta Kota-Anyer Kidul
Platforms 1 side platform, 1 island platform
Tracks 3
Other information
Station code SG
Opened 1900

Serang station (Indonesian: stasiun Serang), is a railway station located in Serang, Banten on the Jakarta Kota-Anyer Kidul railway. The station is located to the northeast of the city center.


Serang railway station was opened on 1 July 1900, together with the completion of the railway stretch between Rangkasbitung and Serang. Serang was a terminal station for several months until 20 December 1900. On that day the line extension to Anyer Kidul was finished, thereby completing the entire Banten railway (Dutch: Bantamlijn).[1]


Given Serang's status as a provincial capital, the station has been a relatively important stop on the Banten railway. This is reflected in the more extensive facilities, such as multiple platforms and tracks. The station actually has four tracks, but the easternmost track is unusable, leaving only three tracks in use.

The front of the station building faces west. The building stands on foundations of up to 60 centimeters from the ground. The station building has two main rooms: one for the train dispatcher and station master, and another for administration and ticket sale. Between these two is the waiting area. Part of the building still retains the original Dutch architecture, such as the tall doors and windows.


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