Seniors Solidarity Party

Seniors Solidarity
Chairman John Wolfe
Founded November 2008
Dissolved 2015 (year deregistered)
Headquarters Malahide,
County Dublin
Colours Green

Seniors Solidarity was a minor political party in Ireland. It was founded in November 2008, by John Wolfe following the Medical Card changes in the 2009 Budget.

It announced it would stand candidates at the 2009 local elections, all candidates being over the age of 60. John Wolfe stood in the Howth-Malahide local electoral area in Fingal County Council.[1] He received 1,319 votes (5.9%) but was not elected.[2] The party had hoped to run candidates at the 2011 general election, but did not register to take part in national elections.

It was registered to contest local elections in Dublin including County Dublin. It has not contested any elections since 2009.

As of 2015, it is no longer a registered political party.


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