Secretary General of the Organisation of African Unity

The Secretary General was head of the Secretariat of the Organisation of African Unity.[1]


#PortraitChairpersonTook OfficeLeft OfficeCountryRegion
Kifle Wodajo (acting)25 May 196321 July 1964 Ethiopia East Africa
1Diallo Telli21 July 196415 June 1972 GuineaWest Africa
2Nzo Ekangaki15 June 197216 June 1974 CameroonCentral Africa
3William Eteki16 June 197421 July 1978 CameroonCentral Africa
4Edem Kodjo21 July 197812 June 1983 TogoWest Africa
5Peter Onu (acting)12 June 198320 July 1985 NigeriaWest Africa
6Ide Oumarou20 July 198519 September 1989 NigerWest Africa
7Salim Ahmed Salim19 September 198917 September 2001 TanzaniaEast Africa
8Amara Essy17 September 200119 July 2002 Côte d'IvoireWest Africa


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