Scouting and Guiding in the United Kingdom

Scouting and Guiding in the United Kingdom is served by several different organisations:

Independent British Scout organisations usually follow more traditional Scouting methods practised by Baden-Powell. Examples include the Baden-Powell Scouts[4] (formed in 1970), Pathfinder Scouts Association (formed in 2003) and the Rover Explorer Scouts Association, which uses Scouting based on Christian values.[5]

Other Scout organisations in the United Kingdom include independent branches of the Polish Scout Association, the Hungarian Scout Association,[5] the Lithuanian Scouts Association[6] and a chapter of Homenetmen in London.[7] The roots of these émigré organisations are the Second World War and the Cold War when refugees fled their countries and international communities in the UK wishing to maintain their home culture of Scouting rather than following the British Scouting Programme.

Also International Scout and Guide units are active in the United Kingdom. Scouts et Guides de France operates one group in London.[8] There also American Scout units, served by the Transatlantic Council,[9] American Girl Scouts served by the USAGSO headquarters.[10] and Israel Scouts tribes in London[11]

Catholic Guides of Ireland and Scouting Ireland are both also active in Northern Ireland.

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