Save Romania Union

Save Romania Union
Uniunea Salvați România
Abbreviation USR
Leader Dan Barna
Founder Nicușor Dan
Founded 1 July 2015 (USB)
2016 (USR)
Headquarters Blvd. Aviatorilor 9, Bucharest
Ideology Anti-corruption[1][2]
Political position Big tent[3]
Colors Blue
Chamber of Deputies
28 / 357
13 / 157
European Parliament
0 / 32
0 / 3,186
County Councilors
0 / 1,434
Local Councilors
54 / 40,067

The Save Romania Union (Romanian: Uniunea Salvați România, USR) is a political party in Romania. The party was founded following the success of the Save Bucharest Union (USB) party in the 2016 local elections. After being officially registered as a political party in 2016, it united with the local USB and Union for Codlea parties, thus gaining most of its initial membership base from the two latter parties.[4] It is currently the third largest political party in the Romanian Parliament after the 2016 legislative elections and the only party in the country opposing the constitutional referendum on the change of the definition of family.[5][6]

However, since the party has a substantial amount of both progressive and conservative members,[7] their position on LGBT issues is not clearly defined. USR leader, Dan Barna, declared: "Gay marriage is not yet a subject for the public agenda, there is no initiative promoting same-sex marriage. Maybe in 20, 30 years next generations will take care of this problem, but for now, this is not a priority."[8]

Anti-corruption fight

Since its foundation USR has supported anti-corruption fight in Romania and the activity of National Anticorruption Directorate. USR was against the Justice Law modification proposed by the government coalition PSD-ALDE and requested the rejection of OUG 13, action supported by the people of Romania through anti-OUG 13 protests.

In march 2018 USR helped and supported the initiators of Fără Penali în Funcții Publice civic campaign, the objective of campaign being modification of 37th article from Romanian Constitution in order to put an interdiction on citizens who are found guilty for corruption to candidate for a public function. USR and volunteers collected more than 1.000.000 signatures from citizens.

LGBT rights

USR is the only parliamentarian party in Romania what did not support the civic initiative of Coaliția pentru Familie (CpF), a movement in Romania supported by Romanian Orthodox Church. The USR is considering the referendum initiated by this organization a way to divide Romanian people and the problem invoked by CpF as an unimportant problem and a way to distract the attention from the real problems of Romania, as corruption.

Roșia Montană

USR supported the inclusion of the Roşia Montană site in UNESCO World Heritage. At the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, held in Manama, Bahrain, the government's representative, Ştefan Răzvan Rab, state secretary of the Ministry of Culture, in Bahrain, on June 24 to July 4, asked for postponement on behalf of Romania including the Rosia Montana Mining Cultural Landscape in the World Heritage List until the completion of the judicial dispute with Gabriel Resources, an unprecedented fact in the history of UNESCO. USR Senator Vlad Alexandrescu, under whose ministerie for Culture 2015-2016 Roşia Montană was included in the UNESCO indicative list, accused the government of the PSD-ALDE-UDMR coalition of treason, writing in a post on 2 July 2018 on Facebook:

"It is Romania's most shameful moment since being a member of UNESCO. All the other states of the world carry a fierce negotiation these days so that their monuments are included in the UNESCO list, and each success is welcomed with cheers and cheers. In contrast to the civilized world is Romania. The only state that has campaigned for its monument not to be on this list. A state seized by a bunch of villains who do not give a damn about the importance of heritage. All they want is to leave UNESCO in peace with their ideas, to make a crater over Roşia Montană so that they can fill their pockets. Of course, the rest of the states know this, not everyone is as "professional" as our government. And so we will be known from now on, those who sell their patrimony for the welfare of their politicians. What you have done here, members and representatives of the Government, is treason. You have acted so that our patrimony is reduced to a crater in the near future. And this will not be without consequences, I promise you! "

Party leaders

born – died
PortraitTerm startTerm endDuration
1Nicușor Dan
(1969– )
28 July 20161 June 2017[9]10 months and 4 days
Elek Levente
(1971– )
1 June 2017[10]28 October 20174 months and 27 days
2Dan Barna
(1975– )
28 October 2017[11]present10 months and 10 days

Electoral performance

In the 2016 legislative election, the USR party received 629,375 votes for the Senate and 625,154 votes for the Chamber of Deputies, thus becoming the third largest political party in Romania, after the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and National Liberal Party (PNL).[12]

2016 629,375 8.92%
30 / 326
13 / 134
3rd Opposition


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