Type Curry
Place of origin India
Region or state Odisha
Main ingredients Potatoes, brinjal, raw papaya, long beans, tomato, onion, and green chillies
Variations Bhaja santula, sijha santula
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Santula(Odia: ସନ୍ତୁଳା) is a vegetable dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It can be either fried (Bhaja Santula) or boiled (Sijha Santula). Ingredients include potatoes, brinjal, papaya, and tomato, which are first boiled together, then fried in oil with diced onion, panch phoran, and green chillies.


The dish is said to be easy to digest as it is not spicy and good for people suffering from stomach disorders.[1] For one prescribed with fresh green vegetables, without spices and oil, nothing could be better than Santula.[2]


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