Sanlih E-Television

Sanlih E-Television
Type Nationwide cable TV network
Branding SET
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
First air date
Sep 1993
Availability Taiwan
Founded May 1983
Broadcast area
Area Taiwan
Official website

Sanlih Entertainment Television or Sanlih E-Television (SET; Chinese: 三立電視; pinyin: Sānlì Diànshì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Saⁿ-li̍p Tiān-sī) is a nationwide cable TV network operated in Taiwan which was founded in May 1993. It also produces Taiwanese drama that are broadcast on free-to-air channels e.g. Taiwan Television (TTV).

In terms of political orientation, Sanlih leans heavily towards the Pan-Green Coalition.

SET channels

SET currently offers eight subsidiary channels:

  • SET International (began airing March 2000)
  • SET Taiwan (began airing December 1996)
  • SET News (began airing March 1998)
  • SET Metro (began airing September 1995)
  • SET Drama (began airing December 1996, relaunched June 2013)
  • SET Finance (began airing May 2011)
  • SET Integrated (began airing June 2012)
  • MTV Taiwan (Started operating by Sanlih since November 2011)


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