Saint Claudia

Saint Claudia
Born Unknown date
Feast August 7

Saint Claudia is a saint and a mother of later Pope Linus. Her father, British King Caratacus led the British resistance, and later got chained after being defeated by Aulus Plautius. After emperor Claudius set him free, she took a name of Claudia and was baptized as such in Rome. She was mentioned in a second letter to Timothy which he received from Saint Paul. Second Timothy is generally viewed as Paul's last letter, and Claudia's name in 2 Timothy 4:21 appears as the last name of the letter and, hence, the last person Paul names in writing. It is also believed to be that Claudia was actually a daughter of Claudius Cogidubnus who was Claudius's ally and later became an emperor. He mentions that her real name was Claudia Rufina and she was married to Aulus Pudens, a friend of Martials. Her feast day is on August 7.[1]


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