Sai ua

Sai ua sausage
Grilled sai ua
Course Sausage
Place of origin Northern Thailand and northeastern Burma
Main ingredients pork, red curry paste
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Sai ua (Thai: ไส้อั่ว, pronounced [sâj ʔùa]) or northern Thai sausage or Chiang Mai sausage is a grilled pork sausage from northern Thailand and northeastern Burma. In Thailand it is a standard food of the northern provinces[1] and it has become very popular in the rest of Thailand as well.[2] Its name in Thai comes from sai (intestine) and from ua (to stuff).[3] In Shan State this sausage is known as sai long phik.[4]

Sai ua contains minced pork meat, herbs, spices, and kaeng khua red curry paste.[5] It is usually eaten grilled with sticky rice and other dishes or served as a snack or starter. Traditionally sai ua was a homemade sausage, but today it is readily available in shops.[6]

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