Union councils of SITE Town, Karachi
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
City District Karachi
Established 14 August 2001
Union Councils
  Type Town Council
  Town Administrator Imran Aslam Khan
Population (1998)
  Total 467,560[1]
Office Location D-1 SITE, Mangopir Road, Karachi.

SITE Town (Sindhi: سائٽ ٽائون, Urdu: سائٹ ٹاؤن) is a town in western part of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan and is named after the Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate (SITE) area, which forms the heart of the town and is home to people of nearly all communities of Pakistan.[1] The town is bordered by Gadap Town to the north, Liaquatabad and North Nazimabad to the east across the Orangi Nala stream, Lyari and Saddar to the south across the Lyari River and Kiamari to the west. Also neighbouring the town are Baldia and Orangi to the northwest.


The Sindh Industrial & Trading Estate was established in 1947 and has grown into the largest industrial area in Pakistan with more than 2,000 industrial units on 4,500 acres (18 km2) of land west of the Lyari River. The estate benefits from the proximity of the Port of Karachi and various roads linking to the rest of Pakistan. The town grew up as worker colonies were established around the industrial estate.

The father of nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah came here in this area in July 1948 and attended the opening ceremony of Valika Textile Mills, the first textile mill of Pakistan. Moreover, the Valika family also established many hospitals and schools, the most notable being Valika Hospital. Soon after, under the leadership of Fakhruddin Valika, the Valikas grew and established their empire of industries which continued to flourish during the Ayubian Era.

The federal government introduced local government reforms in the year 2000, which eliminated the previous third tier of government (administrative divisions) and raised the fourth tier (districts) to become the new third tier. The effect in Karachi was the dissolution of the former Karachi Division and the merger of its five districts to form a new Karachi City-District with eighteen autonomous constituent towns including SITE Town.


Important information

Educational institutions

  • ITEC Public School, Metroville
  • Apex Grammar School, Elahi Coloy, S.I.T.E Town
  • Baldia Government Secondary School (KMC) (Pathan Colony)
  • Pak Falcon Academy School (Old Golimar)
  • Rose Garden Secondary School (Islamia Colony)
  • Rose Garden Elementary School (Islamia Colony)
  • Generations School
  • Generations University
  • Naz Public Secondary School (Islamia Colony No:1)
  • Al-Habib Public School (Qasba Colony)
  • Mohammad Hamid Badayoni College
  • Metrovil Girls College
  • Teacher Training College
  • Karachi Polytechnique College
  • Lee Rosary Secondary Public School
  • Hashmi Public Secondary School (Pathan Colony)
  • Fida Muhammad College
  • Javed College
  • Sindh Government College for Technology (GCT)
  • Mumtaz Montessori
  • The Educators
  • Noor-ul-Huda Secondary Public School
  • Standard High School
  • New Vision Grammar Secondary School (Frontier Colony No1 Keekar Ground)
  • The Perfect Paradise Secondary School (Bukhari Colony, Banaras Colony)
  • The Rising Star Grammar Secondary School (Metroville)
  • Young Scholar Grammar Secondary School (Maxico Ground )
  • Pearl Public Grammar Secondary School (Sabri Baba Frontier Colony Karachi)
  • Global Choice Grammar Secondary School (Elahi Colony near Metro Cienma)
  • Al Nasir Public School (Pathan Colony)
  • Knowledge Foundation (Bawani Chali)
  • Students Foundation (Bawani Chali)
  • Habib Public School (Pathan Colony)
  • Hamqadam Model School
  • Iqra islamia Cadet School
  • The Language Masters (Metroville Block-01)
  • Islamia Public Secondary School (Block 5 Metroville)
  • Wisdom House Public Secondary School (Block 2 Metroville)


  • Faiz Rehman Hospital
  • Valika Hospital
  • 7 Dispensaries
  • 1 Maternity Home
  • Metro Lions Hospital
  • Aga Khan Community Clinc
  • Khyber neuro brain and spine Clinic dr.shamsher Ali khan
  • Salam Clinic


  • Trans Lyari Park (Guttar Bhagicha)
  • Model Park Metrovil sahil
  • National Modren Park


  • Mewahshah Graveyard
  • Shahenshah Ghat
  • Metrovill Graveyard
  • Tower of Silence
  • Muhammad Pur Graveyard, Qasba Colony

The Mewa Shah Graveyard is the oldest graveyard of the city existing since the 16th century. Inside the Graveyard, famous Khanqah of prominent saint of Pakistan Baba Zaheen Shah Taji is also there.

Mosques and madaris


  • Shershah Kabari Bazar
  • Bismillah Hotel Market (Old Golimar)
  • Lunda Bazar (Banaras Chowk)
  • Makro Market (Valika Chowrangi)
  • Aligarh Bazar

Known persons

Political parties

Islamic political parties

Student wings of political parties

Police stations

  • Pak Colony Police Station (Old Golimar)[1]
  • S.I.T.E.(A) Police Station
  • S.I.T.E.(B) Police Station[1]
  • Pirabad Police Station

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Coordinates: 24°54′19″N 66°59′34″E / 24.90528°N 66.99278°E / 24.90528; 66.99278

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