SAO North-East Bosnia

Serb Autonomous Region of North-East Bosnia
Status Self-proclaimed entity
Capital Bijeljina
Government Provisional government
Historical era Breakup of Yugoslavia
19 September 1991
 Proclamation of the Republic of the Serb people of Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 January 1992
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Republika Srpska (1991–95)

SAO North-East Bosnia was a Serb Autonomous Region (Serbian: САО/SAO), a Serb break-away province, in the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SR BiH). It was established in September 1991, proclaimed by the Serb Democratic Party on 19 September,[1] along with other SAOs (Eastern Herzegovina, Bosanska Krajina, Romanija), and included five districts in northeastern SR BiH.[2] It existed between September 1991 and 9 January 1992, when it became part of Republic of the Serb people of Bosnia and Herzegovina (later Republika Srpska). It was renamed SAO Semberija in November 1991, and SAO Semberija and Majevica (САО Семберија и Мајевица[3]) in December 1991.[2] It included three municipalities (Bijeljina, Lopare and Ugljevik[4]), with a population of 150,000, out of whom 56–59% were ethnic Serbs.[5] The capital was Bijeljina.[2]


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