Roti john

Roti john
Place of origin Singapore[1]
Region or state Malay Peninsular[2]
Created by Malays
Serving temperature Room temperature
Main ingredients Minced meat, onion, egg, tomato-chilli sauce and a baguette-type loaf.
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Roti john is an omelette sandwich that originated in the Malay cuisine of Singapore and is also a popular snack in Malaysia.


The ingredients include minced meat (chicken or mutton), onion, egg, tomato-chilli sauce and a baguette-type loaf.

Preparation and presentation

The minced meat, egg and chopped onion mixture is poured into a frying pan and then split long, soft rolls are pressed into the mixture. When the egg is set, the whole roll is then flipped over to toast the other side. The roti is lifted onto a plate, liberally spread with salad, chilli sauce and mayo, before being cut into several portions. A variant is to place the minced meat, onions and sauce inside the baguette, dip the baguette into beaten egg, and then fry the whole in a frying pan.

In Malaysia, beef, mutton, sardines and other variations have been added.


Roti is the Hindi, Urdu and Malay word for bread, and more generally for any bread-based or bread-like food, including sandwiches and pancakes. The origin of john in the name is allegedly due to the Western origin of the baguette and British colonial rule in British Malaya and Singapore island.

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