Romanian local elections, 2004

Local elections were held in Romania in late May 2004, and a runoff for mayors in early June 2004

In late May were elected:

  • all the villages, communes, cities, and municipal cluncils (Local Councils, Romanian: Consilii Locale), and the Sectors Local Councils of Bucharest (Romanian: Consilii Locale de Sector)
  • the 41 County Councils (Romanian: Consilii Judeţene), and the Bucharest Municipal General Council (Romanian: Consiliul General Al Municipiului Bucureşti).
  • all the mayors (Romanian: Primarii)
    • of the villages, cities, and municipalities
    • of the Sectors of Bucharest (Romanian: Primarii de Sector)
    • The General Mayor of The Municipality of Bucharest (Romanian: Primarul General al Municipiului Bucureşti)

In early June were elected, on a runoff system, all the mayors who did not receive the 50% + 1 of the votes in late May.

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