Romanian general election, 1992

Romanian presidential election, 1992

27 September 1992 (first round)
11 October 1992 (second round)
Turnout 76.3% (first round)
73.2% (second round)

Nominee Ion Iliescu Emil Constantinescu
Party Independent CDR (PNȚ-CD)
Alliance FDSN
Popular vote 7,393,429 4,641,207
Percentage 61.43% 38.57%

President before election

Ion Iliescu

Elected President

Ion Iliescu

General elections were held in Romania on 27 September 1992, with a second round of the presidential election on 11 October.[1] Ion Iliescu was re-elected President, whilst his Democratic National Salvation Front emerged as the largest party in Parliament, winning 117 of the 341 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 49 of the 143 seats in the Senate.



Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Ion IliescuDemocratic National Salvation Front5,633,46547.27,393,42961.4
Emil ConstantinescuRomanian Democratic Convention3,717,00631.14,641,20738.6
Gheorghe FunarRomanian National Unity Party1,294,38810.8
Caius Traian DragomirIndependent564,6554.7
Mircea DrucEcological Movement of Romania362,8663.0
Ioan MânzatuRepublican Party362,4853.0
Invalid/blank votes597,565119,174
Registered voters/turnout16,380,66376.316,597,50873.2
Source: Nohlen & Stöver



Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic National Salvation Front3,102,20128.2949New
Romanian Democratic Convention2,210,72220.1634+22
National Salvation Front1,139,03310.3818–73
Romanian National Unity Party890,4108.1214
Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania831,4697.58120
Greater Romania Party422,5453.856New
Romanian Democratic Agrarian Party362,4273.305+5
Socialist Party of Labour349,4703.185New
National Liberal Party1,603,90914.630–10
Other parties0
Invalid/blank votes1,531,612
Registered voters/turnout16,380,66376.29
Source: University of Essex

Chamber of Deputies

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic National Salvation Front3,015,70827.72117New
Romanian Democratic Convention2,117,14419.4682+33
National Salvation Front1,108,50010.1943–220
Romanian National Unity Party839,5867.7230
Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania811,2907.4627–2
Greater Romania Party424,0613.8916New
Socialist Party of Labour330,3783.0413New
Romanian Democratic Agrarian Party326,2893.000–9
National Liberal Party286,4672.630–29
Ecological Movement of Romania245,1942.250–12
Republican Party178,3551.630
Romanian Socialist Democratic Party95,0410.870–5
National Democratic Solidarity79,2070.730New
New Liberal Party63,6330.580New
Liberal Union–Bratiănu55,0960.510–1
Party of the Roma52,7040.481New
Party of Social Democratic Unity50,8530.470New
National Peasant Party48,7640.450New
Liberal Monarchist Party of Romania39,0620.360New
Convention of Social Solidarity35,6410.320New
Democratic Forum of Germans34,6850.3210
Democratic Cooperatist Party32,7890.300New
Free Democratic Union of the Roma of Romania31,3840.2900
National Party of Free Producers from Romania30,0250.280New
Party for the Honouring of the Heroes of the Revolution and National Salvation26,1820.2400
Republican Party of Romanian Unity23,6620.220New
Romanian Humanistic Party23,2200.210New
Traditional Social Democratic Party22,1010.200New
General Union of Roma in Romania22,0710.200New
Christian Republican Party18,8490.1700
Romanian Labour Party16,6260.150New
Democratic Romanian Front15,0030.140New
Independent National Peasant Christian Democratic Party14,9630.140New
Community of the Lippovan Russians14,9750.1410
Romanian Renaissance and Independence Party13,5840.120New
Free Republican Party13,5230.120New
Movement for Romania12,9360.120New
Party of Free Change12,4560.110–1
Independent Social Democratic Party11,6590.110New
Christian National Democratic Party11,6470.110New
Party of the Gypsies of Romania9,9490.0900
Hellenic Union of Romania9,1340.0810
United Democratic Convention8,9720.080New
Union of the Ukrainians of Romania7,7170.0710
Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars7,6990.0710
Social Democratic Party "Titel Petrescu"7,2450.070New
Union of Armenians of Romania7,1450.0710
National League of Expropriated of Romania6,9560.060New
Alliance of National Dignity6,1060.060New
Party of the National Right5,6890.050New
Christian Democratic Union5,6560.0500
Democratic Union of Serbs and Carasovenians of Romania5,3280.0510
Romanian Party for the New Society5,3050.0500
Independent Democratic Party5,2570.050New
Democratic Union of Slovaks and Czechs of Romania4,7080.0410
Antitotalitarian Party 'Down the Nomenklatura'4,6980.040New
Party Democratic Future of the Motherland4,3550.0400
Italian Community of Romania4,1880.041New
Democratic Party of Labour3,9310.040–1
Forum of Democracy and National Unity of Romania3,1800.0300
Party of Social Justice (New Democracy) of the North West of Romania3,1140.0300
Union of Poles of Romania3,0130.0310
Party 'Will of the People'2,7580.020New
Party of Justice and Social Democracy of Romania2,6950.020New
Party of Labour2,6230.0200
Turkish Muslim Democratic Union of Romania2,5720.021New
Party of Social Justice2,5720.0200
Party of the Democratic Union of Moldova2,3630.020New
National Romanian Party2,2240.0200
Bulgarian Union of Banat–Romania1,9060.0210
Party Movement ' Motherland's Shield'1,7440.020New
Movement for European Integration1,3710.010New
Humanistic Party of Peace1,1740.010New
Romanian Popular Democratic Realist Revolutionary Party1,1440.010New
Christian Democratic Party of the Revolution1,0810.010New
Party of Small Owners and Free Initiative of Romania6510.010New
Union of Croatians of Romania2190.000New
Conservative Humanistic Party1010.000New
Party 'Republican Tribune'490.000New
Invalid/blank votes1,616,178
Registered voters/turnout16,380,66376.29
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, University of Essex


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