Roll ball

Roll ball
Highest governing body International Roll Ball Federation
First played 2005, Pune, India
Contact No
Team members 6
Equipment Roller skates, pads,helmet.
Venue Hard surface court
Country or region Worldwide
Olympic No
World Championships Roll Ball World Cup
Paralympic No

Roll ball or rollball is a sport similar to basketball or handball that is played on quad or inline skates. The play consists of two teams of six players each, five field players and a goal tender. Players move toward the goal while dribbling or passing a ball similar to a basketball, with the aim of throwing the ball into a goal at each end of the court. The team that is able to score more goals wins. There are two referees in a match. The ball can be held in either one or both the hands, even during passing and shooting. Player interaction is similar to basketball in that a player must dribble the ball while carrying it. A player may dribble, pass or throw the ball with single or both the hands. It is a violation to run or roll with the ball without dribbling or to deliberately kick or block the ball it with any part of the leg. To accidentally come into contact or touch the ball with the foot or leg is not a violation. Players may also not strike the ball with a fist. Foul rules are similar to those of association football, including the use of yellow cards and red cards.

This game was invented by Mr. Raju Dabhade of Pune City, India, while he was the sports teacher at MES Bal Shikshan Mandir, English Medium School. He is also the Secretary of the International Roll Ball Federation.

Ball used

The roll-ball can be used by more than one players in the game. It is not an individual equipment.

Ball used Weight Circumference Age group
Mini roll ball 340 gram to 400 gram 54 cm to 56 cm Sub-junior girls, Junior girls, Senior girls
Normal roll ball 425 gram to 475 gram 58 cm to 60 cm Junior boys, Senior boys.

Individual Equipment


Roll Ball Objects

  • Carpet (only when played on ice)
  • Goal Post
  • Playing Floor

Shared Object

Ball is used by more than one players and its not an equipment. Only Skates is an individual equipment.

Playing court

The court size can vary from 28 to 40 metres (92 to 131 ft) in length and 15 to 20 metres (49 to 66 ft) in width. The court includes a center line dividing offensive and defensive areas. The penalty line is drawn 4.5 m or 3.5 m away from the goal. Free Throw line or Goalkeeper's line or D arena is 3.5 m to 2.5 m away from the goal. The playing court is marked by 5 cm boundary line. All other line are marked by red or white color. The court is hard and is made of concrete, asphalt, mat or wood. A 3-meter line is drawn as a safety margin outside the boundary line. The goal is 2.25 metres wide by 2.00 metres height.

Roll Ball World Cup

2011 World Cup

The first Roll Ball World Cup 2011 was held at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune in Maharashtra state of the Republic of India. This was held from 17 April 2011 to 22 April 2011. Denmark was the winner. Host India was the runner-up.[1]

2013 World Cup

The second Roll Ball World Cup 2013 was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 3 to 6 October 2013.It was won by India by defeating the inaugural champions Iran in the final. [2]

2015 World Cup

The third Roll Ball World Cup 2015 was held at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune in Maharashtra state of the Republic of India. This was held from 16 December to 20 December 2015. The hosts India won the 3rd Roll Ball World Cup by beating Iran by 6–4 in the finals.

2017 World Cup

The hosts were Bangladesh and the venue was Dhaka. In the men's category India defeated Iran by 8–7 while the women defeated the same opponent by the margin of 6–4.[3][4]

Maha Roll Ball League

Maha Roll Ball League is a State level franchise-based league in Maharashtra, India. First season was in 2016, 28 May to 30 May. MRBL 2016 had 4 women's team and 8 men's team.

In April 2017 it has been announced that MRBL is back with second season. The season will go on from 23 June 2017 to 26 June 2017, to be held at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai.[5] This time there will be 8 men teams and 6 women teams but none of the franchises are from previous seasons.[6][7]

International Roll Ball Federation (IRBF)

The International Roll Ball Federation (IRBF) is a body which is associated with International Roll Ball.

As of April 2017 there are 29 members of the International Roll Ball Federation. Out of these 13 are from Asia, 9 from Europe, 5 from Africa and 2 from Americas.[8]

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