Roger B. Taney (sculpture)

Roger B. Taney
Statue of Roger B. Taney prior to its removal
Artist William Henry Rinehart
Year 1871; Recast 1887; removed 2017
Medium Bronze
Dimensions 220 cm × 120 cm × 160 cm (86 in × 47 in × 62 in)
Location Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Coordinates 39°17′52.63″N 76°36′56.47″W / 39.2979528°N 76.6156861°W / 39.2979528; -76.6156861
Owner City of Baltimore

Roger B. Taney is a 19th century bronze statue of Chief Justice of the United States Roger B. Taney (17771864), by William Henry Rinehart. It was located in Baltimore, Maryland at the North Garden in Mount Vernon Place prior to being removed by the city of Baltimore in 2017.


The sculpture was a gift to the City of Baltimore from the businessman and art collector William T. Walters, whose home faced Mount Vernon Place.[1][2] It is a recast of the Roger B. Taney Monument at Annapolis, Maryland.[3] The sculpture was unveiled to the public in 1887.[2]

Amidst controversy about the presence of a statue honoring the author of the Dred Scott decision, it was removed by the City of Baltimore on August 18, 2017 and taken into storage.[4]


The inscription read:
(On rear proper left side of sculpture:)
inv et(?) mod. W. H. Rinehart Rom
(On rear proper right side of sculpture:)
(...inscription illegible)
MUNCHEN 188(?)
(On scroll in figure's right hand:)
(On plaque on front of granite base:)
signed Founder's mark appears

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