Review of Religions

The Review of Religions is an English language comparative religious magazine published monthly by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Regularly in print since 1902, it is one of the longest running Islamic periodicals in English. It has been described as the main publication of the Ahmadiyya movement in the language[1][2] and as a valuable source material for information on the geographical expansion of Ahmadi activity.[3] The magazine was launched by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad with the aim of conveying an accurate understanding of Islamic teachings across the English-speaking world and dispel misconceptions held against the faith.[4] The articles, however, typically comprise distinctly Ahmadi perspectives and the idea that the Review should publish more articles of a general nature with those specifically connected to the Ahmadiyya movement being printed in a supplement was abandoned early on at Ghulam Ahmad’s behest.[5] Initially published from Qadian, its editorial office was transferred to London by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud, the second Ahmadi Caliph, when he visited the city in 1924 to lay the foundation for the London Mosque.[6] The scope of the magazine has since grown to cover a vast array of topics surrounding theology, science, philosophy, history of religions, international politics and contemporary issues.


During Ghulam Ahmad’s lifetime, the Review used to be published in both English and Urdu as two separate editions.[7] Since 2011 the magazine is also published in the German language as Die Revue der Religionen.[8]

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