Reveal system

A 20th-century system of plant taxonomy, the Reveal system (see also the Thorne & Reveal system[1][2]) of plant classification was drawn up by the American botanist James Reveal (1941-2015). The system was published online in 1997 in ten parts[3] as lecture notes comparing the major systems in use at that time.[4] Subsequently, Reveal became an author with the consensus Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG) on the APG II 2003[5] and APG III 2009[6][7] processes. Although this largely supplanted the earlier and competing systems, he collaborated with Robert Thorne on his system (2007),[2] and subsequently continued to develop his own system.[1][8]

1997 system

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Note: This is a selected list of the more influential systems. There are many other systems, for instance a review of earlier systems, published by Lindley in his 1853 edition, and Dahlgren (1982). Examples include the works of Scopoli, Batsch and Grisebach.

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