Restore the Workers' Rights Party

Restore the Workers' Rights Party
Leader Clifford Walford
Founded August 2004
Headquarters Young, New South Wales
Ideology Workers rights
Trade Unionism
Political position Centre-left

Restore the Workers' Rights Party is a minor Australian political party.

The aim of the party is to represent injured workers. It lists its objective as "Restoration of injured persons to fair and just compensation for their injuries and disabilities, and failing agreement on quantum of / and or right compensation, the full restoration and maintenance of independent and unfettered judicial determination of those entitlements." The party says once this objective is met it would vote in accordance with the direction of the Leader of the Australian Labor Party leading to claims the party is a 'Labor front'.

The party contested the New South Wales state election, 2007 and received 18,455 votes; 0.66% of the statewide vote, well short of the quota required to gain a seat.[1]

The party again contested its second election in 2011. The party received 17,661 votes; a statewide vote of 0.43%, about a tenth of what would have been required to gain a seat. The party suffered a swing against it of 0.49%.[2]

The party was deregistered by the Electoral Commission in 2012.


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