Republican Party of Australia

Republican Party of Australia
Founded 1982
Ideology Republicanism
Political position Big tent
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The Republican Party of Australia is a minor Australian political party dedicated to ending the country's links with the United Kingdom and establishing a republic. It was formed in 1982, and has been registered several times since then.

It in many ways replaced the Australian Republican Party, which had operated from 1949 through until the RPA's founding.[1]

It is not linked with the Australian Republican Movement.


The party first achieved registration federally in 1992.[2] It contested the 2004 federal election, but was not registered at the time of the 2007 election, although some of its members stood as independent candidates.[3]

The party was re-registered on 9 July 2013, but was deregistered on 15 February 2016 after failing to demonstrate the required number of members. The party's registered officer appealed that decision on 2 March 2016, but it was affirmed by the Electoral Commission on 24 August 2016.[4]

The Republican Party of Australia applied for federal registration again in 2017,[5] which was approved on 31 July.[6]

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