Religious affiliations of Vice Presidents of the United States

The following is a list of religious affiliations of Vice Presidents of the United States.

By term

NameTermReligious affiliation
1John Adams1789–1797Unitarian originally Congregationalist
2Thomas Jefferson1797–1801Christian Deist/Deist. Although raised as an Anglican, Jefferson later in life rejected the idea of the divinity of Jesus and became a deist.[1]
3Aaron Burr1801–1805Presbyterian[2]
4George Clinton1805–1812Dutch Reformed
5Elbridge Gerry1813–1814Episcopalian
6Daniel D. Tompkins1817–1825Presbyterian
7John C. Calhoun1825–1832Presbyterian; Unitarian
8Martin Van Buren1833–1837Dutch Reformed
9Richard M. Johnson1837–1841Baptist
10John Tyler1841Episcopalian
11George M. Dallas1845–1849Episcopalian
12Millard Fillmore1849–1850Unitarian
13William R. King1853Protestant
14John C. Breckinridge1857–1861Presbyterian
15Hannibal Hamlin1861–1865Protestant
16Andrew Johnson1865No specific denomination, occasionally attended Methodist services with his wife.[3]
17Schuyler Colfax1869–1873Protestant
18Henry Wilson1873–1875Congregationalist
19William A. Wheeler1877–1881Presbyterian
20Chester A. Arthur1881Episcopalian
21Thomas A. Hendricks1885Presbyterian; Episcopalian
22Levi P. Morton1889–1893Protestant[4]
23Adlai E. Stevenson1893–1897Presbyterian
24Garret A. Hobart1897–1899Protestant
25Theodore Roosevelt1901Dutch Reformed
26Charles W. Fairbanks1905–1909Protestant
27James S. Sherman1909–1912Reformed
28Thomas R. Marshall1913–1921Presbyterian
29Calvin Coolidge1921–1923Congregationalist
30Charles G. Dawes1925–1929Presbyterian
31Charles Curtis1929–1933Protestant
32John Nance Garner1933–1941Protestant
33Henry A. Wallace1941–1945Presbyterian; Episcopalian; Buddhist leanings
34Harry S. Truman1945Baptist
35Alben W. Barkley1949–1953Methodist
36Richard Nixon1953–1961Quaker
37Lyndon B. Johnson1961–1963Disciples of Christ
38Hubert Humphrey1965–1969Lutheran; Methodist; Congregationalist
39Spiro Agnew1969–1973Episcopalian
40Gerald Ford1973–1974Episcopalian
41Nelson Rockefeller1974–1977Baptist
42Walter Mondale1977–1981Methodist; Presbyterian
43George H. W. Bush1981–1989Episcopalian
44Dan Quayle1989-1993Presbyterian
45Al Gore1993–2001Southern Baptist
46Dick Cheney2001–2009Methodist
47Joe Biden2009–2017Roman Catholic
48Mike Pence2017-PresentEvangelical[5]

Affiliation totals

unspecified Protestant[6]8
Dutch Reformed4
Disciples of Christ1
Roman Catholic1

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