Reform and Renaissance Party

Reform and Renaissance Party
حزب الإصلاح والنهضة
al-Eslah we al-Nahda[1]
Leader Hesham Mustafa Abdel Aziz
Founded 18 July 2011
Ideology Islamism[2]
National affiliation For the Love of Egypt[3]
House of Representatives
0 / 568

The Reform and Renaissance Party (Arabic: حزب الإصلاح والنهضة, translit. al-Eslah we al-Nahda) is an Islamist political party in Egypt.

History and profile

The party was established on 18 July 2011.[1] Hesham Mustafa Abdel Aziz is the leader of the party.[2]

The party announced on 6 April 2014 that it would form a shadow government.[4] The party accepted the protests that started on 30 June 2013.[5] The party met with the Justice Party to discuss potential alliances for the 2015 Egyptian parliamentary election.[6] The party announced on 4 July 2014 that it also met with the Reform and Development Party to discuss coordination.[7] Members of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party met with party members to discuss cooperation between the parties during the 2014 parliamentary elections.[8]

Lawsuit against Islamic parties

The Reform and Renaissance Party is one of the eleven Islamic parties targeted by a lawsuit in November 2014, when an organization named Popular Front for opposing the Brotherhoodization of Egypt sought to dissolve all political parties established "on a religious basis."[9] The Alexandria Urgent Matters Court however ruled on 26 November 2014 that it lacked jurisdiction.[10]


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