Reflecting God Study Bible

The Reflecting God Study Bible is a study Bible published by Zondervan in conjunction with the Christian Holiness Partnership which, as a Wesleyan revision of the NIV Study Bible, utilized the New International Version (NIV). Following a 10-year negotiation with Zondervan by two publishing consortia, Holiness Publishers Alliance, and Light and Life Communications, Zondervan struck an agreement with the Christian Holiness Partnership resulting in this volume. Publisher of Light and Life Communications, John Van Valin, guided the process, including the selection of the title, through to its sponsorship by Christian Holiness Partnership. While the standard NIV Study Bible serves as the basis of not only the scripture text, but also many portions of the commentary section, interest in publishing this version was in part a response to the failure of the original editorial staff of the NIV Study Bible, to include any significant contribution from Wesleyan-Arminian scholars. In addition, this volume serves the theological interests of vast portions of the evangelical community including such groups as the Salvation Army, Church of the Nazarene, United Methodist Church, the Wesleyan Church, the Free Methodist Church and many other similar groups. Dr. Wayne McCown served as the General Editor of the Reflecting God Study Bible with assistance from Robert D. Branson(Old Testament editor), C. L. (Bud) Bence (New Testament Editor) and 20 other scholars who contributed to the commentary section. This study bible also contains 15 pertinent essays portraying practical applications of the Wesleyan-Arminian theological perspective. This study bible was declared out of print in approximately 2003 by Zondervan Publishing Company.

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