Rajaram College

Rajaram College, Kolhapur (राजाराम महाविद्यालय, कोल्हापूर) is a government college affiliated to Shivaji University in Kolhapur. It runs degree level (BSc and BA) courses in science, humanities, languages and arts and offers an MA in Psychology. It also has a popular junior college offering higher secondary education courses in science and arts.


Rajaram college was established in 1880 by the Maharaja of Kohapur. It is the oldest college in the Kolhapur city and one of the famous college in the Maharashtra. It was affiliated to the Mumbai University and then with Pune university. Shivaji University was established in 1962 and since then it is affiliated with Shivaji University Kolhapur. Many undergraduate and post graduate courses were available in the past which were later moved to the Shivaji university after establishment of the university. Rajaram college had played a key role in the establishment of the Shivaji University Kolhapur and first Vice chancellor of the university was Principal of Rajaram college Dr. A. G. Pawar. Rajaram college has given many great leaders in politics. It is alma mater of many famous scientists, writers, historians, educationists, army officers, and civil servants (IAS, IPS and IFS officers). It celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015.

The college is located near Shivaji University. Many students from nearby villages study there. It is located somewhat on the outskirts of Kolhapur city. It has a large area of campus where many people from nearby areas come for pleasure walks.

The Maharashtra State supported U.P.S.C and M.P.S.C institute is also present in the same campus.

This college has given many intelligent and famous dignitaries to India, including IAS and IPS officers who are serving the nation.

The college has a picturesque campus of around 75 acres. Its 13 independent buildings include a 2000 capacity auditorium. The Dr. Balkrishna Library has more than 125000 volumes.

Notable alumni

  • Ramesh Mantri, writer
  • Vinda Karandikar, Marathi poet awarded by Gyanpeeth Award

Notable teachers

  • H. P. Gandhi diatomist; worked at the college as a biology lecturer during the 1950s
  • Vinayaka Krishna Gokak (Awarded by Gyanpeeth)
  • V. T. Patil, founder Mouni Vidyapeeth
  • Vasantrao Ghatge, Founder Ghatge Patil Transports Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Balkrishna , Historian and fellow of Royal society London
  • N. S. Phadke, Writer

Madhav Patwardhan , poet also known as Madhav Julian

  • Barr. Balasaheb Khardekar ,educationists, politician and founder Gokhale college Kolhapur.

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