Raid on Pula

Raid on Pula
Part of the World War I

Viribus Unitis sinking
Date1 November 1918
LocationPula, present-day Croatia
Result Italian raid successfully sinks flagship Jugoslavia (formerly SMS Viribus Unitis)
 Kingdom of Italy  State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
Commanders and leaders
Paolo Thaon di Reve Janko Vuković  
2 diversants
port strongholds
around 20 ships
Casualties and losses
1 warship
50 or 250-400 sailors[1]

Raid on Pula was a maritime raid undertaken on 1 November 1918 during the end of World War I. It was carried out by two officers of the Italian Regia Marina with the goal of damaging the Austro-Hungarian fleet anchored in the bay of Pula. The fleet was handed by the Austrians to the newly established State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs only a couple of hours before the raid, with Janko Vuković, previously an officer of the Austro-Hungarian navy, being declared the commander-in-chief of the new state's navy. State of SHS, declared neutrality in the war and informed the Allies shortly after taking over armed forces on 31 October. However, the attackers were not aware of this, and had rigged the main ship SMS Viribus Unitis (renamed to Jugoslavija) with explosives, which ended in the ship's sinking and the death of Vuković.[2]


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Coordinates: 44°52′36″N 13°48′27″E / 44.8767°N 13.8075°E / 44.8767; 13.8075

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