Raffaele Fitto

The Honourable
Raffaele Fitto
Vice-Chair of the European
Conservatives and Reformists
Assumed office
13 December 2016
Chairman Syed Kamall
Serving alongside Ryszard Legutko
Roberts Zīle
Helga Stevens
Geoffrey Van Orden
Hans-Olaf Henkel
Member of European Parliament
for Southern Italy
Assumed office
1 July 2014
In office
20 July 1999  20 June 2000
Member of Chamber of Deputies
In office
28 April 2006  25 June 2014
Preceded by new election
Succeeded by Nicola Ciracì
President of Apulia
In office
16 April 2000  4 April 2005
Vice President Giuseppe Brienza (2000-01)[1] Giovanni Copertino (2001-05)
Preceded by Salvatore Distaso
Succeeded by Nichi Vendola
Personal details
Born (1968-08-28) 28 August 1968
Maglie, Apulia, Italy
Political party Italian People's Party
United Christian Democrats
Forza Italia
The People of Freedom
Forza Italia
Conservatives and Reformists
Direction Italy
Profession Politician
Website www.raffaelefitto.it

Raffaele Fitto (born 28 August 1969) is an Italian politician, leader of Direction Italy, an Italian conservative party.

Raffaele Fitto was born in Maglie, Italy.


In 1999 Raffaele Fitto was elected at European Parliament for Forza Italia.

On 17 May 2015 Raffaele Fitto left Forza Italia and the European People's Party parliamentary group to join the European Conservatives and Reformists.[2][3]

Italian Courts Trials against Raffaele Fitto

Bribery towards Italian Public Medical System

Fitto in 2006 was investigated by the Bari prosecutor in connection with a donation to his regional party La Puglia Prima di Tutto of 500,000 Euros by Tosinvest, a company owned by Antonio Angelucci, ahead of the 2005 Apulian regional election. According to the prosecution this amount was suspected of being a bribe to secure for the Apulia region the management of eleven nursing homes.

A request to arrest Fitto, who in the meantime had become a Member of the Italian Parliament, was rejected by the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Fitto in December 2009 was found guilty of abuse of office, corruption and illegal financing of political parties; Fitto was acquitted of some other charges in June 2012.[4]

Fitto in February 2013 was sentenced by the Court of first instance (Tribunale di Primo Grado, the first grade) to four years in prison and five years' disqualification from public office;[5] the sentence was commuted to 1 year.[6]

Fitto in September 2015 was acquitted of all charges by the Court of second instance (Corte d'Appello, the second grade).[7]

Fitto in June 2017 was acquitted of all charges by the Supreme Court of Cassation (Corte di Cassazione, the final grade).[8]

Bankruptcy of Cedis

Fitto in February 2009 was accused of conspiring, during his presidency of the Apulia region (2000-2005), Italy, to short-sell the trading company "Cedis", at that time (2004-2006)[9] in administration. The charges were filed in April 2009; however in March 2017 Fitto was acquitted of all charges by the Court of second instance (Corte d'Appello, the second grade).[10]


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