Racquetball World Championships

The World Racquetball Championships, organized by the International Racquetball Federation (IRF), were first held in 1981 as part of the World Games. The second World Championships were in 1984, and have been held every two years since.

The 2016 World Championships were in Cali, Colombia, which was the first time Worlds was in South America since 1998, when Cochabamba, Bolivia hosted the event. As in 2014, the team standings were determined by players' performances in the medal round, rather than a team-to-team competition, as was done previous to 2014. Thus, there was a group stage of play followed by a medal round with the seeding for the medal round based on the group stage results.

The 2014 Men's and Women's Singles champions were American Rocky Carson, who won a fifth consecutive title in Men's Singles, Mexican Paola Longoria, who won Women's Singles for a third consecutive time, respectively. The Men's Doubles winners were Mexicans Alvaro Beltran and Javier Moreno, who won for a third time, while the Women's Doubles title was won by Americans Aimee Ruiz and Janel Tisinger, which was the third title for Ruiz but first for Tisinger. In the Overall Team standings Mexico came out on top for the first time in World Champion history, as they won the Women's Team event and were only one point behind the USA in the Men's Team event.[1]

IRF World Championships
Year Host Men's Team Women's Team Overall/Combined
I 1981 United States   -   - USA
II 1984 United States USA USA USA
III 1986 United States Canada USA USA & Canada
IV 1988 Germany Canada USA USA
V 1990 Venezuela USA USA USA
VI 1992 Canada USA USA USA
VII 1994 Mexico USA USA USA
VIII 1996 United States Canada USA USA
IX 1998 Bolivia USA USA USA
X 2000 Mexico Canada USA Canada
XI 2002 Puerto Rico Canada USA USA
XII 2004 South Korea USA USA USA
XIII 2006 Dominican Republic USA USA USA
XIV 2008 Ireland USA USA USA
XV 2010 South Korea USA USA USA
XVI 2012 Dominican Republic USA Mexico USA
XVII 2014 Canada USA Mexico USA
XVIII 2016 Colombia USA Mexico Mexico
XIX 2018 Costa Rica
IRF World Championships - Individual Competitions
Year Host Men's Singles Women's Singles Men's Doubles Women's Doubles
I 1981 United States Ed Andrews Cindy Baxter Mark Malowitz & Jeff Kwartler Mary Ann Cluess & Karen Borga
II 1984 United States Ross Harvey Mary Dee Stan Wright & Steve Trent Carol French & Malia Kamahoahoa
III 1986 United States Egan Inoue Cindy Baxter Jack Nolan & Todd O'Neil Carol McFetridge & Marion Sicotte
IV 1988 Germany Andy Roberts Heather Stupp Doug Ganim & Dan Obremski Diane Green & Trina Rasmussen
V 1990 Venezuela Egan Inoue Heather Stupp Doug Ganim & Dan Obremski Malia Bailey & Jackie Paraiso
VI 1992 Canada Chris Cole Michelle Gould Doug Ganim & Eric Muller Malia Bailey & Robin Levine
VII 1994 Mexico Sherman Greenfeld Michelle Gould John Ellis & Eric Muller Laura Fenton & Jackie Paraiso Gibson
VIII 1996 United States Todd O'Neil Michelle Gould Adam Karp & Bill Sell Joy MacKenzie & Jackie Paraiso
IX 1998 Bolivia Sherman Greenfeld Christie Van Hees Adam Karp & Bill Sell Joy Mackenzie & Jackie Paraiso
X 2000 Mexico Alvaro Beltran Cheryl Gudinas Luis Bustilos & Javier Moreno Kersten Hallander & Kim Russell
XI 2002 Puerto Rico Jack Huczek Cheryl Gudinas Polo Gutierrez & Gilberto Mejia Jackie Paraiso Rice & Kim Russell
XII 2004 South Korea Jack Huczek Cheryl Gudinas Shane Vanderson & Mike Dennison Jackie Paraiso Rice & Kim Russell
XIII 2006 Dominican Republic Jack Huczek Christie Van Hees Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno Aimee Ruiz & Laura Fenton
XIV 2008 Ireland Rocky Carson Rhonda Rajsich Jason Thoerner & Mitch Williams Aimee Ruiz & Jackie Paraiso
XV 2010 South Korea Rocky Carson Rhonda Rajsich Ben Croft & Mitch Williams Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas
XVI 2012 Dominican Republic Rocky Carson Paola Longoria Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas
XVII 2014 Canada Rocky Carson Paola Longoria Sebastian Franco & Alejandro Herrera Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas
XVIII 2016 Colombia Rocky Carson Paola Longoria Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno Aimee Ruiz & Janel Tisinger
XIX 2018 Costa Rica Rodrigo Montoya Ana Gabriela Martinez Alvaro Beltran & Daniel De La Rosa Valeria Centellas & Yasmine Sabja

List of Multiple World Champions

Jackie Paraiso 077
Paola Longoria 336
Rocky Carson 505
Alvaro Beltran 145
Javier Moreno 044
Michelle Gould 303
Cheryl Gudinas 303
Jack Huczek 303
Aimee Ruiz 033
Doug Ganim 033
Kim Russell 033
Joy MacKenzie 033
Samantha Salas 033
Malia Bailey 033
Christie Van Hees 202
Heather Stupp 202
Sherman Greenfeld 202
Egan Inoue 202
Rhonda Rajsich 202
Cindy Baxter 202
Todd O'Neill 112
Mitch Williams 022
Dan Obremski 022
Eric Muller 022
Adam Karp 022
Bill Sell 022
Laura Fenton 022


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