RCN Nuestra Tele

RCN Nuestra Tele
Type Cable television channel
Branding RCN Nuestra Tele
Country Colombia
Availability Aruba, Southeast Asia, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Spain, Venezuela, United Kingdom, United States
Slogan (in Spanish) RCN Nuestra Tele
(in English) RCN, Our TV
Owner RCN Group
Launch date
Affiliates RCN TV
NTN24MundoMax Winsports RCN NOVELAS
Official website
RCN Nuestra Tele

RCN Nuestra Tele (previously known as TV Colombia) is a general entertainment channel owned by Colombian television network RCN. It is a Spanish-language cable channel aimed to Colombian and Latin American viewers around the world. It broadcasts television programs produced by RCN TV, most of them previously aired in this network in Colombia, and a few other shows from other companies, along with Liga Águila football. It is broadcast in Australia and New Zealand via UBI World TV. DirecTV added the channel on April 28, 2010.[1]

Until 2008, RCN Nuestra Tele also broadcast some programs from Citytv Bogotá.


Despite its coverage, which includes Oceania, RCN Nuestra Tele keeps a single feed, airing news bulletins, soccer games, several events and shows live. Therefore, prime time in Australia and New Zealand is filled with breakfast television including the RCN morning news show Muy buenos días.


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