Qatari cuisine

Qatari cuisine is made up of traditional Arab cuisine.[1] Machbūs, a meal consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables, is the national dish in Qatar.[1] Seafood and dates are staple food items in the country.[2]

Main dishes

Qatari Machbous

Rice, meat, onions, and tomatoes mixed with spices. This dish is the local variation of kabsa.


Rice, meat, and vegetables mixed with spices. This dish is similar to biryani or pilaf.


Noodles cooked with sugar, cinnamon, saffron, and cardamom. There is often an omelet on top.


Whole roast lamb served over nutty rice.[3] Also called Shuwaa.


Arabic coffee

Coffee brewed from dark roast coffee beans spiced with cardamom./ served with dates.


karak , also known as "tea with milk" or "chai milk",[4] is a bright orange mixture with cardamom, saffron, and sugar.[3] It's tea simmered with a mixture of spices along with some evaporated milk.

Mint and lemon cocktail

A refreshing drink flavoured with mint and lemon. It is not Qatari but it is a staple drink



A dip made from tahini (a sesame paste) and chickpeas.


A paste made from eggplant, garlic, and tahini.


A type of hummus made without tahini.


Om ali

Bread and rice pudding.[5]


Sweet gelatin pudding spiced with saffron and cardamom. The Original recipe was blended together by Mohamed Fathi, an Egyptian scientist.


Rose water and pistachio pudding.

Esh asaraya

Cheesecake topped with cream.[3]


Other desserts include baklava, kanafeh, and qatayef, as well as local variations on desserts from the Western World.


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