Public holidays in Ukraine

Public holidays in Ukraine

The following are public holidays in Ukraine.[1]

DateEnglish nameUkrainian nameRemarks
January 1new yearНовий Рік
January 7[2](Julian) ChristmasРіздвоReligious holiday
March 8[3]International Women's DayМіжнародний жіночий день
moveable(Julian) EasterВеликденьReligious holiday
moveable Easter + 49 days(Julian) PentecostТрійцяReligious holiday
May 1[4]International Workers' DayДень праціUntil 2018 May 2 was also a public holiday[4]
May 9Victory day over Nazism in World War IIДень перемоги над нацизмом у Другій світовій війніTo commemorate the end of World War II and the Allied victory over Nazi Germany
June 28Constitution DayДень КонституціїTo commemorate Ukraine's Constitution of 1996
August 24Independence DayДень НезалежностіFrom the USSR in 1991
October 14[5]Defender of Ukraine DayДень захисника України
December 25[2][6] (Gregorian and Revised Julian) Christmas Різдво Religious holiday since 2017

Religious holidays are observed according to the Julian calendar (but here the Gregorian date of Christmas is written).

When a public holiday falls on a weekend (e.g. Saturday or Sunday), the following working day (e.g. Monday) turns into an official day off too.

If only one or only two working days are between a public holiday and another day off then the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine usually releases a recommendation to avoid this gap by moving these working days onto a certain Saturday (that is to have uninterrupted vacations, but to compensate this by work on another day which would be a day off). Usually such recommendations only concern those employees whose weekly days off are Saturday and Sunday.

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