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Province of Indonesia
Provinsi Indonesia (Indonesian)
Category Province
Location Republic of Indonesia
Number 34
Populations 622,350 (North Kalimantan) – 43,053,732 (West Java)
Areas 664 km2 (256 sq mi) (Jakarta) – 319,036 km2 (123,180 sq mi) (Papua)
Government Governor
Subdivisions Regency and city

The Provinces of Indonesia are the 34 largest subdivisions of the country and the highest tier of the local government (Daerah Tingkat I – level I region). Provinces are further divided into regencies and cities (Daerah Tingkat II – level II regions), which are in turn subdivided into districts (kecamatan).


Each province has its own local government, headed by a governor, and has its own legislative body. The governor and members of local representative bodies are elected by popular vote for five-year terms.

Current provinces

Indonesia has 34 provinces, eight of which have been created since 1999, namely: North Maluku, West Papua, Banten, Bangka Belitung Islands, Gorontalo, Riau Islands, West Sulawesi and (in late 2012) North Kalimantan.[1]

Five provinces have special status:

The provinces are officially grouped into seven geographical units.[2]

This clickable map shows provinces of Indonesia as of 25 October 2012. Click on a province name to go to its main article.

Table of provinces

Provinces of Indonesia[3][4]
Seal Province Indonesian acronym ISO[5] Capital Population (2015)[6] Area (km²) Population density
per km²
Geographical unit Number
of cities
(kota) and
of cities
Number of
Number of
sub-districts (kecamatan)
Number of villages
(desa) and urban
Number of
of urban
Time zone
AcehAcehID-ACBanda Aceh4,993,38557,95677Sumatra235182896,4746,4740UTC+7
BaliBaliID-BADenpasar4,148,5885,780621Lesser Sunda Islands9185771663680UTC+8
Bangka Belitung IslandsBabelID-BBPangkalpinang1,370,33116,42464Sumatra7164738730978UTC+7
Central JavaJatengID-JTSemarang33,753,02340,800894Java356295738,5597,809750UTC+7
Central KalimantanKaltengID-KTPalangka Raya2,490,178153,56414Kalimantan141131361,5721,434138UTC+7
Central SulawesiSultengID-STPalu2,872,85761,84141Sulawesi131121742,0071,839168UTC+8
East JavaJatimID-JISurabaya38,828,06147,799828Java389296648,4997,723776UTC+7
East Kalimantan[7]KaltimID-KISamarinda3,422,676139,46222Kalimantan10371031,029833196UTC+8
East Nusa TenggaraNTTID-NTKupang5,112,76048,71892Lesser Sunda Islands221213063,2682,950318UTC+8
Jakarta Special Capital RegionDKIID-JKCentral Jakarta10,154,13466412,786Java651442670267UTC+7
LampungLampungID-LABandar Lampung8,109,60134,623226Sumatra152132252,6402,435205UTC+7
MalukuMalukuID-MAAmbon1,683,85646,91432Maluku Islands11291181,2241,19133UTC+9
North KalimantanKaltaraID-KUTanjung Selor639,63972,27510Kalimantan5145048244735UTC+8
North MalukuMalutID-MUSofifi1,160,27531,98231Maluku Islands10281131,1801,063117UTC+9
North SulawesiSulutID-SAManado2,409,92113,851162Sulawesi154111671,8221,490332UTC+8
North SumatraSumutID-SUMedan13,923,26272,981188Sumatra338254366,0805,389691UTC+7
Special Region of PapuaPapuaID-PAJayapura3,143,088319,0368Western New Guinea291285245,2255,118107UTC+9
Riau IslandsKepriID-KRTanjung Pinang1,968,3138,201208Sumatra72566406275141UTC+7
Southeast SulawesiSultraID-SGKendari2,495,24838,06751Sulawesi172152092,1971,820377UTC+8
South KalimantanKalselID-KSBanjarmasin3,984,31538,74496Kalimantan132111522,0071,864143UTC+8
South SulawesiSulselID-SNMakassar8,512,60846,717151Sulawesi243213063,0382,253785UTC+8
South SumatraSumselID-SSPalembang8,043,04291,59286Sumatra174132313,1942,817377UTC+7
West JavaJabarID-JBBandung46,668,21435,3771,176Java279186265,9605,319641UTC+7
West KalimantanKalbarID-KBPontianak4,783,209147,30730Kalimantan142121741,9971,90889UTC+7
West Nusa TenggaraNTBID-NBMataram4,830,11818,572234Lesser Sunda Islands10281161,037995142UTC+8
Special Region of West PapuaPBID-PB[8]Manokwari868,81997,0248Western New Guinea131122031,7051,62887UTC+9
West SulawesiSulbarID-SRMamuju1,279,99416,78773Sulawesi6066964757671UTC+8
West SumatraSumbarID-SBPadang5,190,57742,012110Sumatra197121791,139880259UTC+7
Special Region of YogyakartaDIYID-YOYogyakarta3,675,7683,1331,138Java5147843839246UTC+7

Proposed future provinces

A considerable number of new provinces have been proposed in addition to the 34 existing provinces of Indonesia.[9] As of 2013, the government has targeted the creation of eight new provinces by 2020,[10] by splitting several of the existing provinces.

Region English name of proposed new province Indonesian name of proposed new province Source province (currently containing this area)
Sumatra Tapanuli Tapanuli North Sumatra
Sumatra Nias Islands Kepulauan Nias North Sumatra
Lesser Sunda Islands Sumbawa Island[11] Pulau Sumbawa West Nusa Tenggara
Kalimantan Great Kapuas Kapuas Raya West Kalimantan
Sulawesi Great Bolaang Mongondow Bolaang Mongondow Raya North Sulawesi
Western New Guinea Southwest Papua[12] Papua Barat Daya West Papua
Western New Guinea Central Papua[13][14] Papua Tengah Papua
Western New Guinea South Papua[15] Papua Selatan Papua

On 25 October 2013, the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) began reviewing draft laws on the establishment of 57 prospective regencies and 8 new provinces. The latter consist of the eight areas mentioned above – Kapuas Raya will comprise the five most easterly regencies of the present West Kalimantan province, and Bolaang Mongondow Raya will comprise the southern half of the present North Sulawesi province. In the same week, the House, at its last plenary meeting of the year, approved the creation of another seven new regencies – Mahakam Ulu (East Kalimantan), Malaka (East Nusa Tenggara), Central Mamuju (West Sulawesi), Banggai Laut (Central Sulawesi), Tailabu Island (North Maluku), Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (South Sumatra) and East Kolaka (Southeast Sulawesi).[10]

In addition, a variety of other new provinces (or province-level administrations) have been proposed:

Region English name Indonesian name Source province
Sumatra Central Sumatra (Provinsi) Sumatera Tengah Riau
Maluku South Maluku (Province) (Provinsi) Maluku Selatan Maluku
Western New Guinea Biak Islands (Province) (Provinsi) Kepulauan Biak Papua
Western New Guinea North Papua (Province) (Provinsi) Papua Utara Papua
Java Madura Islands (Province) (Provinsi) Kepulauan Madura East Java
Kalimantan Special Region of Singkawang Daerah Istimewa Singkawang West Kalimantan
Kalimantan Ketapang (Province) (Provinsi) Ketapang West Kalimantan
Kalimantan Berau (Province) (Provinsi) Berau East Kalimantan
Kalimantan Southeast Kalimantan (Province) (Provinsi) Kalimantan Tenggara East Kalimantan
Sumatra Belitung (Province) (Provinsi) Belitung Bangka Belitung Islands
Sumatra Free trade zone Region of Batam Daerah Khusus Kawasan Bebas Batam Riau Islands
Java Special Region of Surakarta[16][17][18] Daerah Istimewa Surakarta Central Java
Sulawesi Nusa Utara (Provinsi) Nusa Utara North Sulawesi
Sulawesi East Sulawesi (Province) (Provinsi) Sulawesi Timur Central Sulawesi
Sulawesi Great Luwu (Province) (Provinsi) Luwu Raya South Sulawesi
Java Galuh (Province) (Provinsi) Galuh West Java
Java Southeast Java (Province) (Provinsi) Jawa Tenggara East Java

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