Progressive Reform Party (South Africa)

Progressive Reform Party
Leader Colin Eglin
Chairman Harry Schwarz
Founded 25 July 1975
Dissolved 1977 (merged with Committee for a United Opposition)
Preceded by Reform Party and Progressive Party
Merged into Progressive Federal Party
Ideology Liberalism
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The Progressive Reform Party (Afrikaans: Progressiewe Reformiste Party) was a South African party that was formed on 26 July 1975 by the fusion of the Reform Party led by Harry Schwarz and Progressive Party led by Colin Eglin.[1] Harry Schwarz predicted that the merger would lead to a "new political dimension in South Africa".

Colin Eglin was elected leader of the party While Harry Schwarz was made Chairman of the Federal Executive.

In 1977, the United Party merged with another small party to form the New Republic Party. A number of United Party members left to form the Committee for a United Opposition, which then joined the Progressive Reform Party to form the Progressive Federal Party with Colin Eglin as its leader.


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