Srpsko privredno društvo "Privrednik"
Abbreviation SPD Privrednik
Formation 1897 (1897)
Founder Vladimir Matijević
Type Non-Profit
Legal status NGO
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Coordinates 45°48′33″N 15°58′43″E / 45.80917°N 15.97861°E / 45.80917; 15.97861Coordinates: 45°48′33″N 15°58′43″E / 45.80917°N 15.97861°E / 45.80917; 15.97861
Official language
Croatian, Serbian
Nikola Lunić

Srpsko privredno društvo "Privrednik" (Serbian Cyrillic: Српско привредно друштво "Привредник"; English: Serbian Business Association "Privrednik") is an organization of Serbian minority in Croatia,[1] which is aimed to creating and increasing economic opportunities in rural areas where majority of Serbs live in Croatia, as well as development of professional skills of individuals. Privrednik is a registered nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization.


Programmatic and organizational activities of the "Privrednik" are divided into:

  1. Funds for Scholarships
  2. Economic Development Department
  3. Youth Department
  4. Media Production Department

Privrednik has two funds from which awards scholarships Vladimir Matijevic Fund and the Ivana Vujnović Fund.[2] Matijevic Fund scholarships provides grants for high school and university students from families of lower income families.[3] Vujnović Fund scholarships excellent university students.

Economic Development Department provides support to the sector of small and medium-sized businesses, primarily public information, promotional and advisory services, implementation of development projects in order to influence the reconstruction and development of less developed areas where predominantly Serbs lived in Croatia.

Media Production Department includes a media presentation of the Privrednik, its mission and its programmatic activities, but also inform and connect users to the activities of Privrednik. Privrednik issues the Privrednik Magazine, which comes out once a month, every first Friday of the month.

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