President of the Parliament of Montenegro

President of Parliament of Montenegro
Predsjednik Skupštine Crne Gore
Предсједник Скупштине Црне Горе
Ivan Brajović

since 24 November 2016
Style Mister/Madam President
Appointer Parliament of Montenegro
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Risto Vukčević
Formation 28 April 1992
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The President of the Parliament of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Predsjednik Skupštine Crne Gore / Предсједник Скупштине Црне Горе) is the presiding officer of the Parliament of Montenegro. The President's term lasts four years, and is elected by members of each new assembly.

The President of the Parliament serves as acting President of Montenegro if the elected President vacates the office before the expiration of the 5-year presidential term due to death, resignation or removal from office.

List of Presidents


Name Term
Senate of Montenegro
Ivan Vukotić2 September 1831January 1834
Pero Petrović3 September 18371 December 1853
Đorđije Petrović18531857
Mirko Petrović18571867
Božo Petrović18671878
National Assembly of Montenegro
Šako Petrović27 November 19069 July 1907
Labud Gojnić27 November 190714 December 1908
Marko Đukanović14 December 19081 December 1910
Milo Dožić1 December 191012 February 1911
Jovan Plamenac1 December 191125 October 1913
Milo Dožić28 January 19144 January 1916


No. Name
Term of Office Party
Presidents of the People's Assembly of Montenegro
1 Miloš Rašović
19451946Communist Party
2 Petar Komnenić
19461949Communist Party
3 Đuro Čagorović
19491953Communist Party
4 Nikola Kovačević
19531953League of Communists
5 Blažo Jovanović
19531962League of Communists
6 Filip Bajković
19621963League of Communists
7 Andrija Mugoša
19631967League of Communists
8 Veljko Milatović
19671969League of Communists
9 Vidoje Žarković
19691974League of Communists
10 Budislav Šoškić
19741979League of Communists
11 Radivoje Brajović
19791982League of Communists
12 Milutin Tanjević
19821983League of Communists
13 Omer Kurpejović
19831984League of Communists
14 Čedomir Đuranović
19841985League of Communists
15 Marko Matković
19851986League of Communists
16 Velisav Vuksanović
19861989League of Communists
17 Dragan Radonjić
19891990League of Communists
18 Risto Vukčević
19901992League of Communists
Presidents of the Parliament of Montenegro
Risto Vukčević
28 April 1992December 1994Democratic Party of Socialists
Svetozar Marović
12 December 19947 June 2001Democratic Party of Socialists
Vesna Perović
7 June 20015 November 2002Liberal Alliance of Montenegro
Filip Vujanović
5 November 200219 May 2003Democratic Party of Socialists
Ranko Krivokapić
30 July 200319 May 2016Social Democratic Party
Darko Pajović
1 June 20167 November 2016Positive Montenegro
Ivan Brajović
24 November 2016IncumbentSocial Democrats

Acting Presidents of Parliament

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