Pope Markianos of Alexandria

Markianos of Alexandria
Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
Papacy began 141
Papacy ended 14 January 152
Predecessor Eumenes
Successor Celadion
Personal details
Born Alexandria, Egypt
Died 14 January 152
Alexandria, Egypt
Buried Baucalis, Alexandria
Nationality Egyptian
Denomination Coptic Orthodox Christian
Residence Saint Mark's Church
Alma mater Catechetical School of Alexandria
Feast day 14 January (6 Tobi in the Coptic Calendar)

Pope Markianos was the eighth Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. He was raised to the Apostolic Thorne in the month of Hathor in the year 141 AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor Antonius Pius. Markianos was born in Alexandria, Egypt and he was the Dean of The Catechetical School of Alexandria (also known as the Theological School of Alexandria).

He was worthy of being chosen as Patriarch for his virtues and his commendable character. He fulfilled the hopes of those who elected him, for after his enthronement, he followed in the footsteps of his worthy predecessors. Working in the same manner to reassure the souls and edify the morals, in spite of the persecutions which were fierce at the time. He continued in his steady struggle for nine years, two months, and twenty-six days, and departed in the Lord on the 6th of Tobi (14 January), in the year 152 AD.[1]


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