Ponyo language

Native to Burma
Native speakers
4,500 (2008)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 npg
Glottolog None

Ponyo, or Ponyo-Gongwang after its two dialects, is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Burma. Ponyo is spoken in 19 villages of Lahe Township, Naga Self-Administered Zone (formerly administered as part of Hkamti District), Sagaing Division, Myanmar (Ethnologue). Dialects are Ponyo and Gongwang, with high mutual intelligibility between the two.

Ponyo and Htangan are close to Khiamniungan.

Alternate names include Gongvan, Gongwang, Gongwang Naga, Manauk, Mannok, Ponyo, Ponyo Naga, Pounyu, Saplow, Solo, Tsawlaw (Ethnologue).


Ethnologue lists two main dialects.

  • Ponyo (Manauk, Mannok, Ponnyio, Pounyu)
  • Gongwang (Gongvan, Saplo, Saplow, Solo, Tsaplo, Tsawlaw)


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