Pongola River

Pongola River
Pongola river, immediately below Pongolapoort Dam
Name origin: From the Zulu for 'trough-like', 'river of troughs', referring to long pools.[1]
Countries South Africa, Mozambique
 - location Near Utrecht, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Mouth Maputo River
 - location Maputo Province, Mozambique
 - elevation 29 m (95 ft)
 - coordinates 26°51′21″S 32°20′47″E / 26.85583°S 32.34639°E / -26.85583; 32.34639Coordinates: 26°51′21″S 32°20′47″E / 26.85583°S 32.34639°E / -26.85583; 32.34639
Location of the Pongola River mouth

The Pongola or Phongolo River (Afrikaans: Pongolarivier) is a river in South Africa. It is a tributary of the Maputo River. It rises near Utrecht in northern KwaZulu-Natal, flows east through Pongola, is dammed at Pongolapoort, and crosses the Ubombo Mountains; then it flows north towards Mozambique, joining the Maputo River. [2]

Its main tributaries are the Bivane River and the Mozana River in South Africa, as well as the Ngwavuma in Swaziland.[3]

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