Pompeius Probus

Pompeius Probus (floruit 307-314) was a politician of the Roman Empire during the Tetrarchy, active at the Eastern court under Emperors Galerius and Licinius.


Probus was a member of the Petronii Probi, a family of the senatorial aristocracy. His son Petronius Probianus was consul in 322, and his grand-daughter was the poet Faltonia Proba.

Around 307 Probus was sent by Galerius as an envoy to Maxentius, together with Licinius. Between 310 and 314 he was appointed Praetorian prefect of the East. Since he was a man of the Eastern court, his appointment to the consulship, in 310, was not recognised either by Maxentius, who controlled Rome, or by Constantine I, who ruled over Gaul, and was thus effective only in the East.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Licinius ,
Constantine I,
Valerius Romulus
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Tatius Andronicus,
Succeeded by
Maximinus Daia,
Gaius Caeionius Rufius Volusianus,
Aradius Rufinus
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