Pol sambola

Pol Sambola
Traditional Pol Sambola served on a fresh banana leaf
Alternative names Pol Sambol, Thengkai Sambol, Coconut Sambol
Course Condiments
Place of origin Sri Lanka
Serving temperature Room temperature
Main ingredients coconut, red onion, chillies, salt, lime/lemon
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Pol Sambola (Sinhalese: පොල් සම්බෝල) is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut, mostly used as an accompaniment with rice, string hoppers, hoppers, parathas and curries.[1] It is a coconut relish, consisting of freshly grated coconut, red onions, dried whole chilies (or chili powder), lime juice, salt and maldive fish.[2]



The traditional method for preparing pol sambol is to grind the freshly grated coconut, red onion, chillies and maldive fish (umbalakaḍa - a smoked and cured tuna, that is sold in chips or flakes) on a rectangular block of granite with a granite rolling-pin, known as a miris gala.[3] If fresh coconut is unavailable then moistened desiccated coconut can be used as an alternative. Apply the juice of a freshly squeezed lime (or lemon) through the mixture, add salt if needed and serve as a side dish.[4]

A variation can be made by sautéing the pol sambol in mustard seeds, curry leaves and sliced onion, which is called Badapu Pol Sambol (sautéed pol sambol).

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