Pela language

Native to China
Ethnicity 1,000 (2001)[1]
Native speakers
400 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bxd
Glottolog pela1242[2]

Pela or Bola (Chinese: 波拉; autonym: pə˧˩la˥, exonym: po˧˩no˥˩) is a Burmish language of western Yunnan, China. In China, Pela speakers are classified as part of the Jingpo ethnic group. Pela may also be spoken in Burma.


There are about 500 speakers as of 2005 (Bolayu Yanjiu 波拉语研究, p. 3). The ethnic population is distributed as follows.

  • Luxi City
    • Santaishan 三台山乡
      • Yinqian 引欠村[3]
      • Kongjiazhai 孔家寨 (representative dialect; Pela: tsɛ˧˩kʰauŋ˧˥tam˧˩)
    • Wuchalu 五岔路乡
      • Mengguang 勐广村[4]
      • Nongnong 弄弄村[5]
      • Gongqiu 贡丘
    • Xishan 西山乡
      • 2nd cluster 二组, Banzai 板栽[6]
    • Chengjiao 城郊
      • Huashulin 桦树林
  • Lianghe County
    • Bangwai 邦外
  • Longchuan County
    • Shuangwopu 双窝铺
    • Wangzishu 王子树
    • Palangnong 帕浪弄[7][8]

Yinqian 引欠 (or Yunqian 允欠) and Mengguang 勐广 have the largest Pela populations.


Further reading

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