Peach (social network)

The Peach app on an iPhone
Operating system iOS, Android[1]
Platform social networking mobile application

Peach was[2] a mobile application-based social network created by Dom Hoffman.[3] Peach was available as an Android and iOS application. Hoffman is a co-founder of Vine. It was introduced at the January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.[4]

Peach had been compared to Ello, Path, and[3][5][6][4]

Peach had "magic words," which were compared to Slack's similar slash shortcuts.[3][7] These allowed the user to access commonly used functions such as typing the letter "g" to send a GIF or "c" to bring up a calendar, similar to a command line interface.[7]

Peach eschewed the traditional news feed, hashtagging, and tagging common to social networks.[5] The editor-in-chief of The Next Web described Peach as a hybrid of Twitter and Slack, while noting that some users of the social network were creating fake celebrity accounts.[8] Bloomberg Business noted that when it was introduced, "[e]verything about Peach... seemed hip, down to the URL", but that by the end of the month it appeared that "interest in Peach softened".[4]


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