Pasztecik szczeciński

Pasztecik szczeciński or pasztecik (plural paszteciki szczecińskie) is a Polish variety of machine-produced deep-fried yeast dough stuffed with meat or vegetarian filling, served in specialised bars as a fast food, different from Polish home-cuisine dishes, which also are called "pasztecik". It is a typical dish of Szczecin, where it was popular in the communist times and retains this popularity, having become a cultural food of the region. The filling consists of either: minced beef (the oldest and the most popular), or sauerkraut and dried mushrooms or cheese and champignons. During the times of People's Republic of Poland, when lack of meat on the market was a frequent occurrence, it was common to replace meat stuffing with egg paste. The dough is crispy on the outside and soft inside. The minced beef filling resembles pâté, the Polish word "pasztecik" is a diminutive of the word "pasztet" (pâté). Usually served with clear, spicy red barszcz. It should not be frozen or warmed again.[1]

The first bar serving "pasztecik szczeciński", Bar "Pasztecik" (still functioning), is located on Wojska Polskiego Avenue and was founded in 1969, using machines imported from the Soviet Union army stationing in Szczecin, which could quickly produce large amounts of food for the Soviet soldiers.[2] The machine, weighing over one tonne, is able to produce over 600 "pasztecik" during an hour. From 22 December 2010, "pasztecik szczeciński" is listed on the official Polish traditional products list and hence protected by the European Union law, which means that all producers have to strictly follow traditional recipe. Pasztecik Szczeciński is currently served also in other cities (for example in Gdańsk, Gryfice, Katowice, Kołobrzeg, Lublin, Łobez, Nowogard, Kalisz, Poznań, Warszawa or German Wiesbaden).

From the year 2015 October 20 is celebrated as the Day of the pasztecik szczeciński.[3]

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