Party of Democratic Progress

Party of Democratic Progress
Партија демократског прогреса РС
Partija demokratskog progresa RS
Leader Branislav Borenović
Founded 26 September 1999
Headquarters Banja Luka
Ideology Serbian nationalism[1]
National conservatism[2]
Political position Centre-right
European affiliation none
International affiliation International Democrat Union (observer)
Colours Red, Blue, White
Ethnic group Serbs
House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina
0 / 42
National Assembly of the Republika Srpska
8 / 83

Mladen Ivanić, the founder of the Party of Democratic Progress

The Party of Democratic Progress (Serbian: Партија демократског прогреса (ПДП) РС / Partija demokratskog progresa (PDP) RS) is a Serbian political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the third-largest party in Republika Srpska.


PDP was established in Banja Luka on 26 September 1999. During the founding assembly, Mladen Ivanić was elected as the president of the party, while Branko Dokić and Zoran Đerić were elected as vice presidents.[3]

International Cooperation

The party is an observer member of the European People's Party (EPP) and International Democrat Union (IDU).

In terms of bilateral cooperation with other European parties, PDP maintains strong links with the Conservative Party (UK), Moderate Party (Sweden), Christian Democratic Union (Germany), SDKU (Slovakia), Austrian People's Party, New Democracy (Greece) and Democratic Party of Serbia and G17 Plus from Serbia.

PDP also has good relations with Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Robert Schuman Institute and Democrat Youth Community of Europe.

Electoral results

Parliament of Republika Srpska
Year Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Government
2000 76.810 12.3%
11 / 83
2002 54.756 10.7%
9 / 83
2006 38.681 6.86%
8 / 83
2010 47.806 7.55%
7 / 83
2014 48.845 7.38%
7 / 83

Positions held

Major positions held by Party of Democratic Progress members:

Prime Minister of Republika SrpskaYears
Mladen Ivanić 2001-2003
Dragan Mikerević 2003-2005
Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and HerzegovinaYears
Mladen Ivanić 2014–


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