Pakistan: A Personal History

Pakistan: A Personal History
Book cover
Author Imran Khan
Language English
Subject Autobiography, History study
Publisher Bantam Press
Publication date
Pages 289
ISBN 0-593-06774-6
OCLC 752163260

Pakistan: A Personal History (2011) is a book written by Imran Khan, current Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketer.[1] In this book Khan has written on Pakistan's history, his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and his own life and cricket career.[2][3]


In the book Pakistan: A Personal History, Khan has talked on different events in his journey from a cricketer to one of the best all rounders of world cricket to a head of a national political party of Pakistan. He has written both on cricket and politics.[4] The book contains both personal disclosure and political commentaries. Khan has called up events from his Test cricket days, his captaincy, 1992 Cricket World Cup. He talked about his relationship with his ex-wife Jemima Khan, the hate campaign built around him etc.[5]


After the publication of the book in 2011 The Independent wrote in their review– "This book, an intelligently written mix of Pakistan's history and his own autobiography, reflects on the challenges that Khan faced in cricket and later, in his humanitarian work."[5]


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