PLA National Defence University

PLA National Defence University
Type National PLA
Established 1985
President General Zhang Shibo
Location Beijing, China
Affiliations People's Liberation Army

The PLA National Defence University (Chinese: 中国人民解放军国防大学) is a national university administered by the People's Liberation Army. It is the top university for military education in China.

The university is located in Beijing under the leadership of PLA Central Committee. The current president of the university is General Zhang Shibo.

It was formed in 1985 with the merger of parts of the PLA Military Academy, the PLA Political Academy, and the PLA Logistics Academy.

The university also host guest speakers from other countries.[1] Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia made a speech titled Towards a new type of great power relationship between China and the United States there on March 28, 2013.[2]

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