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Haryana one of the 29 states of the democratic Republic of India. Located in northern region of the Indian subcontinent, it is India's 21st largest state by area, and 18th most populous state. Haryana surrounds the National Capital Territory of Delhi on three sides, forming the latter's northern, western and southern borders. The economic, social and cultural facets of Haryana include high economic development, high GDP per capita, high life expectancy, low female-to-male sex ratio, and rich sporting tradition.

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Geography of Haryana

Location of Haryana

Geographic features of Haryana

Environment of Haryana

Wildlife of Haryana

  • Fauna of Haryana
  • Flora of Haryana

Protected areas of Haryana

Hierarchy of settlements of Haryana

  • State (Haryana)
    • Divisions (comprising one or more districts)
      • Districts (comprising cities, towns and villages)
        • Cities and Towns (run by Municipal committee/corporation under Urban Development ministry)
          • Wards (city is subdivided in to several wards)
            • Colonies (each ward has one or more colonies/neighbourhood)
        • Tehsils (Department of Revenue) and Block (Department of Rural Development, area usually overlaps with tehsil)
          • Gram panchayat
            • Village (each panchayat has one or more village)
              • Pana (subdivisions within village are called pana or ward)
              • Dhani (some villages also have scattered isolated dhanis within its official geographical limits)

Regions of Haryana

Administrative Units of Haryana

Miscellaneous regions of Haryana

Government and Politics of Haryana

Elections in Haryana

Branches of the Government of Haryana

Law and order in Haryana

History of Haryana

History of Haryana, by period

Culture of Haryana

Art in Haryana

Literary Arts of Haryana

  • Literature of Haryana

Performing arts of Haryana

Cinema of Haryana
Theatre in Haryana
Dance and Music

Visual arts of Haryana

Architecture of Haryana
Embroidery of Haryana

Clothing and ornaments in Haryana



Cuisine of Haryana

Languages and dialects of Haryana

  • Hindi (Central Zone)
    • Khariboli dialect
      • Braj Bhasha (Faridabad and Palwal districts)
      • Haryanvi language (Rangri dialect another name for Haryanvi language used by haryanvi-Muslim migrants living in Pakistan)
        • Deswali (dialect) (also called Deshwali, Desari and Desaru, spoken in Deswal region covering districts of Rohtak, Sonipat, Jhajjhar, and parts of Jind)
          • Jatu (dialect) (sub-dialect of deswali, spoken by Rors in low-lying khadir flood planes on western banks of Yamuna in Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal and Kurukshetra districts)
        • Bangru (dialect) (also called Banagaru, Hariani & Haryiani, spoken in areas between Bagar region and deswali region, in Kaithal, Jind, Hisar, Bhiwani districts)
    • Sansi language (distinct language of Sansi nomads, with influence of Rajasthani, Punjabi, Haryanvi and Hindi languages)
  • Rajasthani language
    • Bagri language (Bagar region of sandy western Haryana covering Sirsa, Fatehabad and parts of Hisar, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dardi and Mahendragarh districts)
    • Mewati language (also called Ahirwati, spoken in Palwal, Rewari and parts of Mahendragrh districts)
  • Pahari languages (in hill areas of Ambala, Panchkula and Yamuna Nagar districts)

Media in Haryana

Museums in Haryana

People of Haryana

Caste/community breakdown:[4]

  • Jat, 25% to 28%
    Single largest ethnic group of Haryana. Historically socio-economically dominant.
  • OBC, 24%,
    Includes Ahir, Saini, Yadava, etc. Excluding Jats who have been demanding OBC status for jobs.
  • Scheduled Castes, 21%,
    Dalits, from marginalised communities such as Balmiki, Chamar, Dhanak and Khatik.
  • Other non-dalit non-SC castes, 27% to 30%,
    Includes mainly Brahmins, Baniya and Punjabi people (excluding Jat Sikh, Punjabi speaking 1947 partition migrants who are now natives of Haryana) and the rest.

Religion in Haryana

Population data as per Census of India 2011:[5]

Sports in Haryana

State Symbols of Haryana

Economy and infrastructure of Haryana

Economy of Haryana

Agriculture and Allied Sectors in Haryana


  • Rivers

Industry Sector in Haryana

Services Sector in Haryana

Transportation in Haryana

Energy in Haryana

Education in Haryana

Heath and safety in Haryana

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