Outercurve Foundation

Outercurve Foundation
Formation 10 September 2009
Type NGO and Non-profit organization
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Educational
Region served
Executive Director
Erynn Petersen
Website www.outercurve.org

The Outercurve Foundation is an independent 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation founded by Microsoft.[1] Its goal is to "enable the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities." They run several software projects, some of which are connected to the .NET Framework.[2][3][4][5]

It was founded on September 10, 2009 as the CodePlex Foundation, led mostly by Microsoft employees and affiliates.[6] The free software community considered the site subversive and suspected Microsoft's goal was to make people dependent on Windows and other software owned by Microsoft. [7] The name Outercurve Foundation was adopted In September 2010.[8] In November 2010 changes to by-laws were made and the board was expanded.[9] Over the years, the site has mostly hosted software for Windows, [10] promoted software patents, [11] and hired people away from free software projects.[12] Outercurve now serves the larger free and open-source community as a generalized low-overhead foundation for projects and organizations. Projects contributed by the group to the .NET Foundation include Nuget, Kudu and the ASP.NET AJAX library.[13]


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