Ouargli language

Native to Algeria
Region Ouargla, N'Goussa
Native speakers
20,000 (2014)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 oua
Glottolog taga1278[2]
Berber-speaking areas of the Mzab, Ouargla, and Oued Righ

Ouargli, or Teggargrent (also Twargrit, Təggəngusit), is a Zenati Berber language. It is spoken in the oases of Ouargla (Wargrən) and N'Goussa (Ingusa) in Algeria.

As of 1987, Ouargli had no more than 10,000 speakers.[3] Ethnologue estimated only 5,000 speakers as of 1995.[4]

There are some differences between the dialects of Ouargla (Təggargrənt) and N'Goussa (Təggəngusit), notably in the position of pronominal clitics; within Ouargla, there are minor differences between the three tribes At-Brahim, At-Sisin and At-Waggin.[5]

Speakers from Ouargla regard the varieties of Ouargla, N'Goussa, Tugurt/Temacine and Tumzabt/Mozabite, and possibly other Zenati varieties, as dialects of a single language they call Twargrit.[6] According to Delheure (1987:355), at Wargrən fəhhəmən d awəḥdi tawsint, "the Ouarglis understand Temacine very well."

The principal grammatical study is Biarnay (1908);[7] a less detailed sketch is provided in Basset (1893).[8] Its lexicon is fairly extensively documented in Delheure's (1987) dictionary.[9] The bilingual texts in Biarnay and Basset are more recently supplemented by the texts on daily life in Delheure (1988)[10] and the folk tale collection in Delheure (1989);[11] the latter, unlike other work on Ouargli, includes texts from N'Goussa as well.


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