Osmaniye Province

Osmaniye Province
Osmaniye ili
Province of Turkey

Location of Osmaniye Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Mediterranean
Subregion Hatay
  Electoral district Osmaniye
  Total 3,767 km2 (1,454 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
  Total 522,175
  Density 140/km2 (360/sq mi)
Area code(s) 0328
Vehicle registration 80

Osmaniye Province (Turkish: Osmaniye ili) is a Turkish province located in southern Turkey. It existed as a province by the name Cebel-i Bereket (meaning "Fertile Mountain") in the early republic until 1933, when it was incorporated into Adana Province. It was made a province again in 1996. It covers an area of 3,767 km² and has a population of 479,221 (2010 est). The province is situated in Çukurova, a geographical, economical and cultural region.

The capital of the province is Osmaniye (Population: 194,000). The next largest towns are Kadirli (Population: 83,618) and Düziçi (Population: 42,000).


Osmaniye province is divided into 7 districts (capital district in bold):

Historical sites and ruins

  • Karatepe - Aslantaş (Domuztepe-Pınarözü) - Kadirli/Düziçi

Notable people


  • Karakucak Wrestling Festival - Kadirli (25–26 May)

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Coordinates: 37°13′41″N 36°12′45″E / 37.22806°N 36.21250°E / 37.22806; 36.21250

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