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Headquarters Salem, Oregon
44°55′26″N 123°00′20″W / 44.923835°N 123.005550°W / 44.923835; -123.005550Coordinates: 44°55′26″N 123°00′20″W / 44.923835°N 123.005550°W / 44.923835; -123.005550
Annual budget $194,830,661.50 (2018)[1]
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The Oregon Military Department is an agency of the government of the U.S. state of Oregon, which oversees the armed forces of the state of Oregon. Under the authority and direction of the governor as commander-in-chief, the agency is responsible for planning, establishing, and enforcing rules and procedures governing the administration, supply, and training of the Oregon National Guard (consisting of the Oregon Army National Guard and the Oregon Air National Guard), when not in the active service of the United States. The Department also maintains all state-owned or leased military facilities, including posts, camps, military reservations, and rifle ranges.


The adjutant general serves as the administrative director of the Military Department and is the military command officer of the national guard. The Military Council, composed of the adjutant general and six to ten officers of the National Guard, operates as an advisory staff to the governor, in much the same way as the Joint Chiefs of Staff advise the President. The Army and Air wings of the National Guard have proportional representation on the council according to their current total strength.


The Oregon Military Department is split into the Oregon Army National Guard and the Oregon Air National Guard. The structure of units is listed below.

The Adjutant General and Command Staff, Salem, Oregon

State Agency Directory: Military Department https://dasapp.oregon.gov/statephonebook/display.asp?agency=24800

Oregon Army National Guard Structure

  • Land Component Command and General Staff, Salem, Oregon
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD) Salem, Oregon
  • Recruiting and Retention Command, Salem, Oregon
  • Medical Command, Salem, Oregon
  • Regional Training Institute (RTI), Umatilla and Monmouth, Oregon
  • Oregon Training Command, Warrenton, Adair, Biak, and Umatilla
  • The 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States) formerly The 41st Infantry Division (United States). The 41 IBCT is headquartered at Camp Withycombe, in Clackamas, Oregon.
  • The 82nd Troop Command Brigade, Clackamas, Oregon
    • HHD 82 Troop Command Brigade, Clackamas, Oregon
    • 82 Tactical Support Detachment, Clackamas , Oregon
    • 821 Troop Command Battalion, Salem, Oregon
      • Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 821 Troop Command Battalion
      • 1186 Military Police Company
      • 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD) Salem, Oregon
      • 234 Army Band
      • 1942 Acquisition Team
    • 2-641 Aviation 641st Aviation Regiment (United States),Salem, Oregon
      • Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) 2-641 Aviation
      • G/1-189 Aviation
      • 1/A/1-112 Aviation
      • 1/B/1-168 Aviation
      • A(-) 641 Aviation
      • 3/B/351 Aviation
      • Detachment 47 Operational Support Aircraft
      • 1/D/741 Brigade Engineer Battalion
    • 1249 Engineer Battalion, Salem, Oregon
      • Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) 1249 Engineers
      • A Forward Support Company (FSC) 1249 Engineer
      • 224 Engineers (-) (Construction)
      • 442 Engineers (Construction)
    • 3-116 Cavalry, La Grande, Oregon
      • Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) 3-116 Cavalry
      • A (Rifle)/3-116 Cavalry
      • B (Rifle)/3-116 Cavalry
      • C (Tank)/3-116 Cavalry
      • D (Tank)/3-116 Cavalry
      • F(-) 145 Brigade Support Battalion
    • 1-82 Cavalry, Bend, Oregon
      • Headquarters and Headquarters Troop (HHT) 1-82 Cavalry
      • A Troop 1-82 Cavalry
      • B Troop 1-82 Cavalry
      • C Troop 1-82 Cavalry
      • D Troop 1-82 Cavalry
      • D Company 181 Brigade Support Battalion

Oregon Air National Guard Structure

  • Air Component Command and General Staff, Salem, Oregon


Approximately 97 percent (US$382 million) of the funds for the Oregon National Guard are provided by the federal government. This does not reflect the considerably smaller figure of $35.9 million or 9% which is included within the Department's budget. The difference can be accounted for by the fact that troop salaries and wages are paid to them directly by the federal government. Federal funds support 100% of troop training, Defense Department programs, base security and fire protection, and youth programs; 75% of the logistical support for training sites; and most facility, maintenance and supply expenditures of the Air National Guard (averaging 75 to 85% based on a complex and variable schedule).


The National Guard Reserve is the only statewide civil defense organization of significant size and provides emergency assistance. It is composed entirely of unpaid volunteers. In the event of a federal call-up of the National Guard sufficient that it cannot fulfill its state role, domestic deployment of the reserve can be ordered. Since 1989 the Oregon National Guard Reserve (ORNGR) is known officially as the Oregon State Defense Force (ORSDF).[2] The ORSDF is an all-volunteer militia force under the Oregon Military Department that provides reserve personnel to both the Oregon Army National Guard and the Oregon Air National Guard. It is under state jurisdiction and its members are employed only within the State of Oregon. It is not subject to any federal orders. Its mission is to provide units organized, equipped and trained in the protection of life or property and the preservation of peace, order and public safety under competent orders of State authorities.[3]

As of just before the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, 9,268 Oregon National Guard members had been deployed to Afghanistan (1,691), Iraq (7,048), and the Iraq Southern No Fly Zone (529) since 2002; 20 have been killed in action.[4]

In April 2015, the Oregon Military Department suspended the Oregon State Defense Force. A spokesman for the OMD stated that the suspension was temporary and the ORSDF would return to active service.[5] As of August 2018, the force has not been reinstated as promised. Since Oregon law requires the state to maintain the ORSDF at a cadre level during peacetime,[6] a reinstatement of the force is required in order to reattain compliance with the law.


The Military Department is based in Salem, with armories, camps, air bases and other facilities around the state.[7] The Salem Armory Auditorium next to the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem is rented out as a concert venue, and for shows, conventions, graduations, dances and conferences.[8][9]

State Armories Directory https://dasapp.oregon.gov/statephonebook/display.asp?agency=24800&division=00150

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